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No Country for Young Men Martin Seeds
No Country for Young Men Martin Seeds


No Country for Young Men
Martin Seeds
Studio Martin Seeds

Text by  Dr. Edwin CoomasaruOrla FitzpatrickSean O’Hagan, and Fearghus Roulston.


Unbound Newspaper
Edition of 200
36 pages
350 x 500 mm
ISBN Not Available

This newspaper includes found portraiture of young boys from a Belfast school photo album shot in the 1960s in the North of Ireland. Accompanied is writing by four authors Dr Edwin Coomasaru, Orla Fitzpatrick, Sean O’Hagan, and Fearghus Roulston who reflect upon the work from very different viewpoints – a personal account of Northern Irish school days in the 1960s; the use of child imagery during the Troubles; childhood, time, and gender. This photobook coincided with his 2021 exhibition of the same name at Seen Fifteen Gallery, London.

‘These found portraits, enlarged and indistinct, possess an added resonance. They are appropriated from a Belfast school yearbook from 1965, a year of violent tremors in Northern Ireland that, with hindsight, seem darkly prescient. History hangs over these young boys like a falling shadow. As they stare, unknowing, into the camera lens, trouble awaits them as surely as night follows day.’

About the Artist

Martin Seeds is an artist and educator. His practice is shaped by his experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland. By reflecting upon historical events and engaging with current issues in the province, he explores the conflicting experiences of Northern Irish identity, history, and culture.1

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