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O Eamonn Doyle
O Eamonn Doyle


Eamonn Doyle


Signed, Edition of 250
32 pages
460 x 340 mm
ISBN 9780992848743

As the day passes, its shadow goes by. Taken within the orbital limits of the south-east Dublin coastal suburbia of his youth, incidental objects of memory strive to resist the forensic pressure of the late Spring sun as it bears down its weight in this new, large-scale publication of photographs by Eamonn Doyle. 1

About the Artist

Born in Dublin in 1969, Eamonn Doyle graduated with a Diploma in Photography from IADT in 1991. He spent much of the next twenty years producing music and working in the independent music business, founding the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) alongside the record labels D1 Recordings and Dead Elvis. He returned to photography in 2008. His debut photobook i, described by Martin Parr as ‘the best street photo book in a decade’ was published in March 2014. Most of his work is produced in and around the Dublin city centre location where he has lived for the past 20 years. 2

About the Publisher

D1 Is Eamonn Doyle’s Publishing house and record label.

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