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Of Bounds

Of Bounds
Bernadette Keating


Softcover with loose silver poster.
Edition of 500
100 pages
220 x 330 mm
ISBN 9783945111765

Of Bounds, which includes an essay by the artist, combines two works that focus on land reform, borders, and the design of space. ‘Líne’, a series of colour photographs shot over a number of years, explores the reinforced hedge boundary of a small farm in Ireland where Keating grew up. The text-based series, ‘Not all battlecries are meant to be heard’, is a collection of slogans taken from annual reports and social media platforms that have been engraved on steel plates; photographed in a gallery setting, each recontextualises the values and visions of corporate landowners. The juxtaposition of the two works emphasises the temporal nature of a world always in flux and the ongoing efforts to control it. 1

About the Artist

Bernadette Keating (b. Dublin 1976, lives in Leipzig) is a visual artist working with photography, video, and text. Her work explores notions of space, place and belonging in urban spaces and border territories, and the sociopolitical forces that shape them. 2

About the Publisher

Lubok Verlag developed as publishing project following the encounter of artist Christoph Ruckhäberle with graphic designer and printer Thomas Siemon. Out of the shared fascination with artist books and the enthusiasm about graphic art arose the idea to publish graphic books with original linocuts by contemporary artists in high editions. 3

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