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People’s Park Declan Kelly
People’s Park Declan Kelly


People’s Park
Declan Kelly


40 pages
145 x 200  mm
ISBN Not Available

People’s Park presents a selection of portraits depicting London’s queer youth in East London’s Victoria Park, Hackney. The subjects involved in this project represent a vast array of talent, from models and go go dancers to artists and activists. The LGBTQ+ community often faces scrutiny and judgement and as a result, it is common for queer youth to leave their hometowns to experience the chance to express themselves freely in a city like London. This newfound liberation allows for experimentation with visual identity and the opportunity to push the boundaries of sexuality and gender using clothing, hair and makeup. For me, this project is about celebrating people for who they are and allowing them to be seen as they wish. These are people in the park who live outside the ordinary. 1

About the Artist

Declan Kelly is an Irish photographer based in London. 2

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