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RIP Issue 1
RIP Issue 1


RIP Zine
Issue 1
Junior Press

Photographs by Nicholas HarpurEllius Grace and George Voronov.


Softcover with loose photograph.
Edition 35/70
40 pages
280 x 200 mm
ISSN Not Available

RIP is the first zine from Junior Press. It includes photographs of Coney Island and Mexico. The featured photographers are Nicholas Harpur, Ellius Grace and George Voronov.

About the Artist

About the Creators
George Voronov is a recent graduate of the MFA program at the Belfast School of Art, Ulster University where he studied under Ken Grant, Donovan Wylie, and Haley Morris Cafiero. While at Belfast, George began developing ‘We Became Everything’ a long-term photography project looking at young people’s experience of spirituality in contemporary Ireland. He splits time between editorial and commercial commissions as well as his personal artistic practice. 1

Ellius Grace is a portrait and fashion photographer from Dublin, Ireland. He received a degree in graphic design from the National College of Art and Design in 2015 and now works editorially and commercially between London and Dublin. He is co-founder and editor of Junior Press, a publishing initiative and magazine working to showcase young talent in Irish documentary photography.2

About the Publisher

Junior Press is based in Dublin, Ireland and run by Ellius Grace and George Voronov. The aim of Junior Press is to showcase new photographic talent in Ireland, particularly young up-and-coming documentary photographers.

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