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The Moment Passing
Kate Horgan
University College Dublin


66 pages
300 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available

This photographic project was an initiative of the Visual Arts Committee of University College Dublin under the auspices of the Millennium Committee. The photographer, Kate Horgan, visited the university many times in the course of the final year of the millennium. Over the seasons she captured the variety of activities, academic and social, that take place in the university’s different locations. She photographed the people, the architecture and the natural environment. Frank McGuinness has responded enthusiastically to her images in a short introduction.

About the Artist

As an award-winning photojournalist she shot for newspapers such as The Business Post, The Irish Times, Die Welt and The Boston Globe and magazines including The Telegraph Magazine and Irish Tatler. Her portraiture and photo essays have been exhibited in University College Dublin, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios and the Guinness Storehouse.
Kate’s graphic design skills were learned at the University of Minnesota and her picture-editing savvy comes from her years with News UK, publishers of The Times and The Sunday Times.1


About the Publisher

University College Dublin is a research university located in Dublin, Ireland.

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