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The Republic
Seamus Murphy
Allen Lane 


224 pages
164 x 239 mm
ISBN 9780241197097

One hundred years after Ireland’s 1916 Rising, the revolt that ultimately lead to independence, who are the Irish and what has become of the republic they made? Photographer Seamus Murphy, exile and escapee, digs deep to discover the forces and mysteries that drive – and have often beguiled – the country since its birth. From the streets of Dublin, and the suburbs of towns and cities adapting to new multicultural life, to the older habitats of Ireland’s wilder western shores, Seamus Murphy endeavours to capture the spirit of contemporary Ireland in this witty, closely observed and beautiful photographic book. 1

About the Artist

Seamus Murphy grew up in Ireland and lives in London. The recipient of seven World Press Photo awards for his work in Ireland, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, his photography from Afghanistan – begun in 1994 – won him the World Understanding Award. Considering photography as part history, part magic, he has worked with musician PJ Harvey and the New Yorker on film and photography projects, and is the author of two books. 2

About the Publisher

In 1967 Penguin’s founder started a hardback imprint under his own name, Allen Lane.

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