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The Shrouds
Austin Hearne


Edition 10/10
16 pages
210 x 150 mm
Year Not Available
ISBN Not Available

The Shrouds is a handmade self-published photobook from Irish artist Austin Hearne. Its focal point is religious iconography and the textural elements of shrouding. This book is a part of the artist’s exploration of shrouds which have manifested themselves not only in this photobook but also in performance art.

About the Artist

Austin Hearne is an Irish artist. His practice is rooted in photography wherein he explores its possibilities to produce installations, objects and performances that expand the limits of the photograph and indeed the medium. Prints, furnishings, wallpapers, garments and the materials of the painting and decorating industry all feature, carrying his created imagery and weaved narratives which merge fact and fiction, creating worlds, characters and scenarios that may or may not exist.1

External links & References

  1. “Austin Hearne—Remains” ACW