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The Still
Helena Gouveia Monteiro
Stereo Editions

30 pages
208 x 159 mm
ISBN Not Available

This photobook combines a series of images shot in different locations across Ireland and Europe from 2014 to the present, exploring both the concept of instant photography and the presence of textual elements within images. With a passing reference to Neoplasticism’s publications De Stijl, its cover repurposes an Irish country pub window into a self commenting photographic image where the text is integrated as both form and title. Other images use fleeting forms, frozen within the frame and indistinguishably combined with inert taxidermy bodies or minerals in museum collections. 1

About the Artist

Helena Gouveia Monteiro is a filmmaker, photographer and publisher. Born in Lisbon in 1991, she now lives and works in Dublin.

About the Publisher

Stereo Editions is an experimental publishing collective bringing together artists, writers, and filmmakers from diverse geographical and intellectual spheres for the production and distribution of limited editions, objects, films, and music. Founded in Marseilles in 2016 by Juliette Liautaud and Helena Gouveia Monteiro, the collective has subsequently worked on projects in Prague, Dublin, and Lisbon. All of their ethically produced editions are numbered and signed by their authors, with whom they collaborate closely and to whom they return half of all proceeds.


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