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Lorraine Tuck
Lorraine Tuck


The Whistle Blowing
Lorraine Tuck
Self Published


88 pages
185 x 240 mm
ISBN 9780993391101

This body of work began in 1999 when Lorraine started to photograph areas along the former Connemara railway line. After graduating from Sallynoggin Photography, Dublin and later University of South Wales, Newport with an honours BA in Documentary Photography in 2003; Lorraine returned home and since then resumed making photographs of the old line.Ho
As a young girl Lorraine has fond memories of her Grandmother, Nanny O’ Malley, telling her stories of the ghost train that would go past her Nanny’s house in Recess; travelling from Galway to Clifden:

‘I conjured up images in my mind of this lonely railway line. While lying in bed, with the window open on family holidays, I would imagine I could hear the train whizzing past. My work stems from these memories and I have always visualised the existing parts of the old line’.

Hence Lorraine’s work is deeply rooted in storytelling and childhood memories, concern and consideration for her heritage and upbringing that is unique to people who live in this precious environment of Connemara.
Additionally, Lorraine has always felt that the history and heritage of our railways, particularly that of the steam era, still evokes an amazing fascination for many people. This is because Ireland’s history at this time was characterised by simpler and more basic development. We can look back with nostalgia unhinged with the harsher realities of life in Ireland at this time.

This body of work honours the story of the railway line, piecing together childhood memories through pictures, capturing light and darkness. The subjective nature of the work makes this a personal testimony. 1

About the Artist

Lorraine Tuck is from the small village of Oughterard, Co. Galway, and is best known for her documentary work around this area of Connemara.

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