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Water Mark
Brendan Maher


24 pages
330 x 275 mm
c. 2010
ISBN Not Available

November 2009 brought persistent and often heavy rain to Ireland and is recorded as the wettest month on record. With the land waterlogged and no cessation to the downpour, rivers throughout the country saw rising water levels, no more so than The River Shannon whose catchment area of 15,000 squared kilometres drains roughly one fifth of the area of Ireland. This rise in water levels, in conjunction with regional geography saw widespread flooding in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, a major crossing point on the river and its surrounds. The making of this work commenced in January 2010, a time when the return to normality was starting for some, ongoing for others and near completion for a few. Through this work I have attempted to capture traces the flood has left on the (natural and built) environment and on the psyche of those involved.