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Ways of the Cross
Tony O’Shea
Cafe Royal Books

Edited by Craig Atkinson


Edition of 250
32 pages
140 x 200mm
ISBN Not available

This 32-page booklet contains socioculturally provocative images centred around the theme of religion. Multiple images reflect religious symbols, such as crosses, depictions of Jesus, and rosaries. Some images display individuals marching across streets bearing these symbols; others represent a sole individual showing respect for these holy symbols. The mood of these images varies from anger to sadness to peace, representing the different influences religion can have on human lives. Regardless of mood, this collection of black and white images provokes the reader to reevaluate religion’s role in society.

About the Artist

Tony O’Shea was born in Valentia Island, County Kerry in 1947 and lived there for the first 20-years of his life. He studied English and Philosophy at University College Dublin and towards the end of the 1970s became increasingly interested in photography. By 1981 he had begun working full-time as a photographer with In Dublin magazine and once it ceased publication he went on to work for Sunday Business Post for many years. His first book Dubliners, including a text by Colm Tóibín was published by Macdonald Illustrated.

About the Publisher

Café Royal Books (founded 2005) is an independent publisher based in Southport, England. Originally set up as a way to disseminate art, in multiple, affordably, quickly, and internationally while not relying on ‘the gallery’. Café Royal Books publishes artist’s books and zines as well as a weekly series of photobook/zines. The photographic publications are part of a long ongoing series, generally working with photographers and their archives, to publish work, which usually falls into 1970–2000 UK documentary / reportage.

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