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The Marian Year

The Marian Year
1Eurofiddy x Spicebag


38 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available

A zine reflecting on pieces of the old Ireland that provide reminders of identity in a city scrambling to forget itself. Cranes replace church steeples as the most prominent features of the skyline while hotels replace homes. This project focuses on showing familiar symbols through a new lens, and new struggles alongside those of the past.

The Marian Year is a collection of photography, visual art and creative writing musing on changing values in modern Ireland and fading tradition in the face of a neoliberal future and the pain of the past. With dynamic montage built around the collaborative visual art of photographer @1eurofiddy, visual artist @spicebag.exe and painter Carl Hickey, and featuring new writing by Caelainn Hogan. 1

About the Artist

1eurofiddy is an  Irish street photographer. She captures the raw and unsanitised reality of life on the streets of the nation’s capital.2

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