Aoife Herrity Blog Post

Aoife Herrity is a visual artist and writer based in Dublin.

Abigail O’Brien Blog Post

Abigail O’Brien is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist whose work employs many media including Photography, Sculpture, Video, Sound and Hand-Made Embroidered objects. 


Mary A. Kelly Blog Post

Caption of the image Born Year, Month, Day (Location) Website https://marykelly.website/ Mary A. Kelly is a contemporary Irish artist and filmmaker. She holds an M.A. in Fine Art from N.C.A.D. as well...

Aaron Dickson Blog Post

Aaron Dickson (born 1980) is a Northern Irish artist specialising in Photography. He lives in his birthplace of Northern Ireland.


Aideen Barry Blog Post

Aideen Barry is a practising Visual Artist based in Ireland.

Victoria J. Dean Blog Post

Victoria J. Dean is a photographic artist based near Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her practice explores the human propensity to rationalise space, in the context of place and landscape.


Leo Byrne Blog Post

Leo Burke is commercial photographer living and working in Dublin, Ireland.


Alan Butler Blog Post

Alan Butler’s work explores material and philosophical ideas about how imagery and meaning function in technologically mediated realities.


Robert McCormack Blog Post

Robert McCormack is an Irish visual artist, currently living and working in Co Meath.


Dorje de Burgh Blog Post

Dorje de Burgh is Dublin-born and based photographic artist practicing since 2012.