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Still Life

Still Life: Issue 5

Edited by Agata Stoinska and Monika Chmielarz

Contributors Laura LetinskyLuzia SimonsTakashi YasumuraDavid GoldesAndrew B MyersElspeth DiederixTamara KametaniCharlott MarkusStephen GillHeiko RintelenAdam FussFritz FabertSean Izzard, Alison Bettles and Irek Misiak


Edition of 1000
48 Pages
380 x 290
ISSN 2009339X

With the wonderful freshness in the air and the great stretch in the evenings comes a new issue of blow to savour in the bloom of spring. this time we have turned our attention to still life – the oldest study of objects through art and the most traditional of genres.

Metaphor, allegory and the hint of something bigger are all intrinsic to the work presented in this issue, but there is also an interest in revising still life and moving it beyond its established conventions. Still life has the power to defamiliarise the known and to elevate the status of things to the extraordinary, as illustrated by the selection of work by contemporary photographers who deal with the vast spectrum of this subject matter. We are thrilled to feature the works of Laura Letinsky and Adam Fuss – two accomplished photographers of still life who give this genre its own place and methodology.

About the Magazine

Blow photo is published and printed 3 times per year with a limit of only 1,000 editions, making the collection a rare possession for anyone interested in contemporary fine art photography.

Each edition reveals a unique photographic thematic narrative captured through the lens of some of the world’s most talented contemporary photographers. carefully selected and brought together by our editors,  this arrangement of a diverse group of artists – acclaimed and emerging, plays a vital role in revealing the story envisioned by blow. the themes may be familiar, but the visual stories they tell are unique.

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