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Eoghan Kavanagh


Hardcover with half slipcase.
90 pages
300 x 230 mm
ISBN Not Available

A retrospective of the last 20 years of work by landscape photographer Eoghan Kavanagh. Skyline traces the development of Kavanagh’s work over time and marks the transition from his work then,  to his work now. This photobook includes many of his photographs of Irish landscapes, including a detailed description of his photographic process and handwritten annotations of his photographs.

“For 20 years I have been building up a portfolio in my personal mission to photograph the Irish landscape. In this time I have travelled all across the country, seeking out those places and moments where the light and clouds draw across the land, and capturing the shots I see in my head. In selecting the photos for this book, I started to realise that this was not only a book of my images from the past 20 years, but also a collection of memories. My approach to my work has essentially remained the same from that day to this, so when I look at this collection of images there is a story of my past present and future.”
– Kavanagh1

About the Artist

Eoghan Kavanagh is a landscape photographer working in Ireland. He has always enjoyed the drama of its amazing landscape and the ever changing light. Kavanagh worked in Dublin for over 15 years in the advertising and design industry as a photographer dealing with high profile accounts. When he could find the opportunity and time, he always tried to travel back to Kerry and west Cork where he was happiest photographing its scenery. In 2009, Kavanagh decided to leave Dublin and relocate with his family to Kenmare in Co Kerry. Living in such close proximity to some of Irelands most magnificent locations has allowed him the freedom to frequently expand his collection of work.

External links & References

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