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Patrick Hogan

Texts by Dermot Healy and Colin Graham.


Edition 417/500
96 pages
195 × 250 mm
ISBN Not Available

Shot and produced over two years, it offers an intimate view of the artist’s daily encounters and surroundings. This carefully edited, self-reflective work shows a world that existed for the artist at a particular time and in a particular place. Like a collision between the present and the past, the arrangement of photographs in the book encourages contemplation about memory, perception and loss. Images are sometimes repeated and re-appear elsewhere in the book in a cropped, faded or fragmented form. A constant stream of moments overlap and interact with one another, creating a multi-layered intra-relational photographic piece. This is a book about one person’s unique vision of the world. But it is a vision that transcends personal experience and succeeds in addressing broader, more expansive themes of love, beauty, fragility, life and death; themes that go beyond the individual and have relevance to everyone.1

About the Artist

Patrick Hogan is an Irish artist. He is the winner of the Gallery of Photography Artist Award 2011. He was nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet Photography Prize 2012. He was short-listed for: ‘Hey Hot Shot’ International photography competition 2012: Aesthetica Magazine Creative Works Competition 2012 and the 3rd Ward Gallery Winter Solo Show Award 2011. Hogan has taken part in two international artist residencies in Iceland. His work has been published in a number of International photo magazines and publications including Burn Magazine, Prism Magazine, The Shot and most recently with the London based photographic collective Uncertain States. He went on to exhibit in Ireland and abroad during 2013.


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